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Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale… if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world… somebody lied.

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danielle haim + texposts (part 2)

I was helping a guest at work and he said something homophobic and all I could say was “ehhhh.” Then I was walking him somewhere and he said, “you walk pretty fast, your boyfriend must have a hard time catching you.” And I was like, “EHHHHHHHHHH.”

"In Jane Campion’s tense and stellar detective mystery, Moss is equal parts fierce and wounded. Never more so than during a scene at her hometown bar when she confronts a dirtbag who raped her years ago. First she’s flirtatious, willing the sod to drop his guard, and then she smashes a glass on him, letting loose a guttural howl of rage. It’s a primal, perfectly calibrated performance, and one that proves Moss is so much more than our beloved Peggy on Mad Men.”

EW’s “Emmys: 15 Actresses We’re Rooting For”: Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake


Photo by Natalie Behring

eatingfood whispered: thanks to your blog, my obsession for haim got a bit bigger

that makes me incredibly happy! 

All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

To get into character for her role on Féminin/Féminin, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé changed her phone lock screen wallpaper to Kimberly Laferriere’s face for the 3 weeks of shooting. (x)